4 simple ways to have a calm Christmas - turn the chaos into calm.

Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year, you spend months preparing, saving and spending. It’s no surprise that that almost two-thirds of us you find the holiday season stressful. Yet every year you approach Christmas with the same tactic of panic buying followed by an energy crash. 

You are missing out on a calm Christmas - there many steps you can take to achieve this. I’ve listed 4 simple ways for you. It’s time you took back the magic of Christmas and more importantly, stay grounded and be happy. 

Step one - Gift list apps

When you have lots of people to buy for at Christmas, it becomes overwhelming. You forget what you have bought, what needs

wrapping what's hidden under the bed.It suddenly becomes a stressful task and you can feel the joy of Christmas slipping away.

Download a gift list app to your phone, here

you can track what you have bought by recipient, and even change the status of gifts to wrapped! Its been a game changer for me.

Step two - The great outdoors

Numerous shopping trips and evenings spent wrapping can often mean spending time outside is neglected, this will definitely impact negatively on your mental health and weii-being. Taking time away from technology to switch off and connect with nature will leave you feeling revitalised. Tip: Take a Christmas Eve walk in the woods. 

Step three - A drop of Yin

I know so many of you have become top fans of Tyler Aromatherapy's essential oil blends. If you havent yet tried our bestselling yin blend, here's why you need to start using it in the run up to Christmas. It was created for the times you need to slow down, be calm and relax. A dreamy blend of Lavender, Sandalwood, Cypress + Jasmine will leave you feeling calm. Top tip: Add a drop to your wrists and breath.

Step four - Christmas morning tradition

Christmas mornings for most households is

hectic, especially those with children. It's easy to become overwhelmed as the living

room carpet becomes a sea of wrapping

paper. Creating a Christmas morning ritual that everyone can join in with will give you 5 minutes to calm and prepare for the day ahead. Morning ritual idea: make a Hot

chocolate and light a candle before opening

presents under the tree.

Hot chocolate gift set

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