About Tyler Aromatherapy

From Midwife to Wellness Entrepreneur

Welcome to the cozy corner of the world that is Tyler Aromatherapy, where we believe the little every day wellness tasks gives a big wellbeing boost. I’m Ellie, the heart behind this journey. Picture me mixing and pouring in my beautiful workshop in the beautiful Wye Valley, with nothing but love and a dash of creativity in each batch.


My story started in a rather unexpected place—a maternity ward, of all places! Working as a midwife, I was extremely burnout out and riddled with anxiety. I’d completed an Aromatherapy course as part of my role and found how a few drops of essential oil could lift my mood, and soothe souls. That was my lightbulb moment. I thought, "Why not use my knowledge of essential oils and women’s health to create mood changing candles !?" So here we are, sharing the wonders of essential oils far and wide.


Tyler Aromatherapy came to life in April 2021, not just as another candle brand, but as a promise. A promise to keep things real, simple, and kind to our planet. Our candles? They're all about the good stuff -  soy wax for clean burning, vegan and cruelty-free, and innovative essential oil blends that are made in house - meaning each scent is completely unique to the brand. We're big on doing our bit for the planet. That means recycled or reusable jars for our candles and eco-friendly labels. It’s all about making choices that feel good and do good.


But more than anything, Tyler Aromatherapy is about creating those moments for you to just be. To breathe in, relax, and let a little bit of well-being into your day. It’s about turning the ordinary into something a bit more special, one scent at a time. Our candles are much more than a nice scent - they are well-being treatments. So, welcome to my brand Tyler Aromatherapy.


Award Winning Wellness Brand

Winning the Start-up Brand of the Year award was like a dream come true for me. That day, filled with so much excitement and pride, really showed me how much my hard work has paid off. Standing in front of the judges, I could feel their interest spark as I talked about how our mood candles can make a difference and the achievements of my brand in such a short space of time. It was more than just an award; it felt Tyler Aromatherapy had been ‘seen’. This honor is a big nod to our dedication, and it just makes us more excited to keep making our special products that soothe and uplift the soul. Big dreams to be manifested for the future.