Discovering the Magic of Dead Sea Minerals: A Q&A with Louise, Founder of Dead Sea Dream

Self-care has become more important than ever, and one woman's journey from the hustle and bustle of London to the serene shores of the Dead Sea has paved the way for a skincare revolution. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Louise, the founder of Dead Sea Dream, to delve into her incredible story and her mission to share the rejuvenating properties of Dead Sea minerals with the world. Let’s dive in!

Dead Sea Skincare

Can you tell us more about your personal connection to the Dead Sea region and what inspired you to create Dead Sea Dream?

Being half French, half Israeli, I had the chance to visit the Dead Sea region very often since a young age. I also used to suffer from eczema on my body and acne on my face and found products formulated with Dead Sea minerals very effective to treat my skin conditions. For over ten years I have been travelling back and forth and bringing Dead Sea cosmetics back home that I couldn’t find in Europe. My friends and family started complimenting me more regularly on the appearance of my skin and were asking me to bring back products for them. 

I also used to work in Finance, which was a very fast paced environment, I was aware that taking more time and care for myself would be beneficial to me, but I just didn’t make the time for it. The moment I started taking care of myself, self-caring at home, eating healthy and exercising, I quickly realized that it made me become much more productive at work with a better outlook on life in general, what’s important and what isn’t.


Which is why I decided to create Dead Sea Dream. Our mission is to make Dead Sea minerals affordable, accessible and sustainable anywhere in the world, encouraging people to care for themselves, without feeling guilty about it. While getting more people to know about the Dead Sea and contribute to its long-term preservation.

dead sea minerals

You mentioned experiencing the benefits of Dead Sea minerals firsthand. What are some of the remarkable benefits you've noticed for your skin, body, and hair?

People travel to the Dead Sea from all over the world to treat skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. The Dead Sea being the lowest point on earth and the most concentrated sea in salt in the world, its unique mineral concentration found in the salt and mud has many benefits for the skin and hair. 

As a person suffering from Eczema from a very young age, using Dead Sea bath salts and Dead Sea salt scrubs on my body helped me get rid of my eczema for good. The very high magnesium content of Dead Sea salt has some amazing anti-inflammatory and moisturizing benefits for the skin. It also helps to detoxify the skin, remove dead skin cells, promote cell turnover and strenghtens the skin’s barrier function. Which is why regularly using Dead Sea cosmetics in my body care routine has kept my eczema at bay. 

During my teenage years I also started suffering from severe acne on my face and back. I went to see a dermatologists, who prescribed me quite a harsh cream that would my skin peel off  and the acne would always come back after I stopped using it. It was a very traumatising period of my life as I always had bad skin and really did not feel comfortable in my body. In my twenties, even though it was less severe I was still suffering from acne-prone skin and decided to try a more natural and gentle approach, applying Dead Sea mud. I started seeing results in less than a month and did not have any secondary effect such as dryness or peeling. It helped me refine my skin texture, cleared my pores and brightened my face. I now use our Purifying Mineral Mud Mask on my face twice a week and very rarely get any acne. 

"A great deal of research suggests that Dead Sea minerals help manage the hair loss, promote hair growth and deeply nourishes the hair follicle. I now use our Glowing Hair Mask every time I wash my hair and I noticed that it is stronger, less prone to breakage and I only need to get them trimmed twice a year."

Louise - Founder

As a Finance Analyst living a hectic life in London, what was the turning point that made you realise the need for self-care and a balanced lifestyle?

For me the turning point was the start of the pandemic and working from home forced me to take more time for myself and re-evaluate what I wanted and needed in life. It is not easy to make space for self-care when you have a busy work schedule, long commute and want to make time for family and friends. Not having to commute anymore and spending more time on my own, with my own thoughts was life-changing and gave me the opportunity to exercise every morning, think about the next steps I wanted to take in my career and take better care of myself. 

Dead Sea minerals are at the heart of your skincare line. What makes these minerals so special, and how do they set your products apart from others in the market?

The Dead Sea being the lowest point on earth and the most concentrated sea in salt in the world, the unique mineral concentration present in Dead Sea salt, water and mud has been trusted for thousands of years to treat a wide range of skin conditions. In fact, in Ancient Egypt, Pharaoh Cleopatra VII built the world’s first spa off the shores of the Dead Sea. 

The mineral content of the Dead Sea is significantly different from that of ocean water, with much higher concentration of Magnesium (x1.5 times), Potassium (x2.3 times), Sodium (3.4 times), Chloride (x16.8 times), Bromide (x74.6 times) and Sulfate (x5.2 times). 

The high concentrations of Magnesium and Bromide in our formula are powerful anti-inflammatories, which help reduce redness, calm sensitive skins and soothe irritations. The Potassium, Sodium and Chloride are great skin regulators, they help lock-in the skin moisture, promote cellular renewal and maintain a healthy skin barrier. Finally, the high concentration of Sulfate promotes a gentle exfoliation and helps remove impurities from the skin. What makes our products unique, is having all these incredible benefits that have been derived from 100% natural ingredients, packed in self-care products to heal your skin and body from the inside out. 

Founder of Dead Sea Dream

Could you walk us through a simple and effective skincare routine using Dead Sea Dream products?

Of course! My favourite self-care Sunday routine is to first draw a bath, add one cup of our Floatation Bath Salt Crystals and stay in it for around twenty minutes. 

Usually, while I am in the bath, I would apply our Glowing Hair Mask after washing my hair and let it sit for about 15 minutes.

 I also like to wash and exfoliate my face before the bath, apply our Purifying Mineral Mud Mask and leave it on for about 15 minutes. 

After siting 20 minutes in a warm bath, I usually take an ice cold shower, scrub my body with our Refining Body Scrub, rinse my hair and face. This really helps to boost the endorphins in my body, further reduce inflammations and swelling.

 After the shower, I apply our Defining Body Cream and finish by massaginig my hands and feet with our Nourishing Hand & Foot Cream. This is what we call The Dream Regime, this ritual leaves me feeling deeply relaxed and moisturized, ready to tackle the working week. 

Many people are curious about natural and sustainable skincare. Can you tell us about your commitment to environmentally friendly practices in your products?

It was really important to me and the team to do better in terms of sustainability than most of our competitors, especially with the global warming challenges we have been facing. First of all, our entire product range and brand is gender-neutral and fit for all skin types. All of our products can be shared in the bathroom. In addition, our entire product range is Cruelty Free and Vegan. It was also important to us to work with suppliers who share our sustainability vision and to source our ingredients close to the manufacturing site to avoid unnecessary transits and reduce our carbon footprint associated with logistics. This is the case as well for our recyclable packaging, which has been sourced in the Middle East. Finally, we work very closely with the Dead Sea Revival Project, which is committed to raising awareness and contribute to the long-term preservation of the Dead Sea region. We donate a percentage of our annual revenue to this NGO and take part in regular beach cleaning activities. 

What has been the most rewarding part of your journey so far with Dead Sea Dream?

Lately, the most rewarding part of the journey with Dead Sea Dream has been to meet our customers face to face when doing pop-ups and to hear their positive feedbacks on the products. Especially how it has helped them improve and overcome their skin conditions. 

Recently we have also received a couple of awards and a few PR features, so it is also very rewarding to see that experts in the industry are also loving the products and their benefits. 

What's next for Dead Sea Dream, and what message would you like to share with those considering incorporating Dead Sea minerals into their beauty and self-care routines?

Throughout the year we have been developing our range of skincare and body care accessories, which really adds value to our skincare products and enhances the self-care experience. We also have a couple of skincare products that are currently being developed and should launch later this year. 

Finally, for those who consider incorporating Dead Sea minerals into their skincare/self-care routines, I’d tell them to not hesitate a single second and to just Relax, Unwind, & Renew (which is our tag line). The feeling of using Dead Sea minerals in cosmetic products is truly special and can only be understood after experiencing it and staying consistent. 

Finally, where can our readers buy your products?

Our entire range of products is available on our website, we ship everywhere in the UK and Europe. You can also find us on Instagram and TikTok @deadsea_dream. We will also be hosting our next pop-up in John Lewis & Partners, Kingston, so please come by to meet us and try our products. 

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