Elevate Your Self-Care Journey with Our seasonal & collaborative Subscription Box: Tyler Exclusive

In a world that constantly demands our attention and energy, it's easy to neglect the most important person in our lives: ourselves. But what if there was a magical solution that could unlock a world of self-care, indulgence and seasonal living? Introducing our brand-new Subscription Box - Tyler Exclusive, a treasure trove of wellness and serenity delivered right to your doorstep.


Picture this: you come home after a long, exhausting day. The weight of the world sits heavy on your shoulders, and you yearn for a respite from the chaos. That's when Tyler Exclusive steps in as your ultimate ally, offering a bi-monthly escape to a world where self-care takes centre stage. It's like receiving a personalised invitation to prioritise your well-being and embark on a journey of self-discovery. 

Handpicked treasures

Inside each meticulously curated box, you'll find an array of handpicked treasures that harmonize together to create an immersive and transformative experience. From exclusive candles that delivery mood-changing benefits to luxurious skincare, homewares and wellness products. Every item is thoughtfully selected to nurture your body, mind, and soul. 

But our Self-Care Subscription Box is more than just a collection of products—it's a lifestyle. Open the box and delve into a world of self-care inspiration through our exclusive content. Uncover hidden gems, discover other amazing brands, and ignite your inner light through our carefully crafted candles that are only found in these boxes.

glow tonic candle by Tyler Aromatherapy

Self-care companion

We believe that self-care is a journey, and our subscription box is your steadfast companion along the way. With each box arrival, you'll embark on a new chapter of self-love, exploring seasonal facets of wellness and uncovering the power of intentional self-care rituals. Our founder curates each box with love and dedication, ensuring that every element enhances your well-being.


Don't let the demands of life overshadow your own needs and desires. Embrace the opportunity to elevate your self-care journey with our extraordinary Self-Care Subscription Box. Unlock the door to a world of relaxation, self-discovery, and personal growth. Treat yourself to the indulgence you deserve and reclaim your inner radiance. Subscribe today and let our Self-Care Subscription Box be your steadfast companion on your path to well-being.

Embrace seasonal living

In a fast-paced world filled with constant distractions, it's easy to lose touch with the natural rhythm of life. But deep within us, there's a primal longing to connect with the changing seasons, to dance to the melody of nature's symphony. Welcome to the world of seasonal living, where the benefits extend far beyond the surface, nurturing our souls and enriching our lives in ways we never imagined. 

Experience the joy of anticipation as the seasons change. Delight in the crispness of autumn leaves, the warmth of a crackling winter fire, the rebirth of nature in spring, and the carefree days of summer. With our subscription box, you'll be at the forefront of each unique season, fully embracing the gifts it has to offer. 

Tyler Exclusive subscription box

A cut above the rest

Here we unveil the most common problems customers have with the current subscription boxes on the market:


The Problem: You become bored or disinterested if the beauty subscription box consistently includes repetitive products. You may desire variety and the opportunity to discover new brands, formulations, and trends.


The Solution: each Tyler Exclusive subscription box has a seasonal theme, we never use the same brands or products twice. 

The problem: If the beauty subscription box predominantly includes sample-sized products, you feel that you are not getting enough value for their money. You may prefer larger sizes to fully experience and evaluate the products.


The solution: We promise to never use sample sizes, ever! Only full size products. 


The problem: You expect the subscription box to deliver high-quality products that perform well. If the box consistently includes products that are of subpar quality, prone to breakage, or have packaging issues, you feel let down and question the value of the subscription. 


The solution: We only work with brands that align with our values of high-quality plant ingredients and sustainability. We never use products that are poorly made just because they agree to gift products! - its unethical and disjointed from our brand values. 


The problem: If the subscription box includes products that are not aligned with your preferences, such as items you do not use or styles that don't match your taste, it can result in disappointment and a feeling of wasted money. 


The solution: Months and months has gone into the research and planning of Tyler Exclusive subscription box, each and every detail has been thought about to ensure the highest quality. We promise you will discover and love every single product! 

Sneak peek

The theme of Junes box is: Glow. That undeniable glow from within becomes your signature, an outward reflection of your inner confidence. Welcome to our Glow Subscription Box, where we empower you to unlock the secrets of glowing skin and ignite your inner radiance.

Illuminate Your Skin: Our Glow Subscription Box is curated with one purpose in mind: to help you achieve the skin of your dreams. Think products infused with powerful ingredients that nourish, revitalise, and illuminate your complexion. No gatekeeping here, we give you the tools needed to restore your skin's natural glow, our box is your gateway to luminous, healthy-looking skin.

Glow from Within: True radiance goes beyond surface-level beauty. Our Glow Subscription Box takes a holistic approach by providing you with carefully chosen items that enhance your overall well-being. We believe that glowing skin starts from within, so we made an exclusive candle to boost your energy, and promote a healthy glow that emanates from the core of your being. The Glow Tonic Candle glows in more ways than one, we lit she shimmers and glows as the wax melts - it is truly mesmerising. 

the making of the glow tonic candle


Tyler Exclusive subscription box launches on the 23rd of June at 6pm for those who have registered interest (do not panic if you haven't yet registered, there is a link at the end of this blog), and the 24th of June at 6pm for everyone else. 

Join our vibrant community of self-care enthusiasts who understand the importance of taking time for oneself. Register your interest now (extremely high demand!) and happiness is guaranteed to arrive at your door. 

How much is it?

Each box is delivered every other month at a cost of £25 + free postage.

What's inside each box?

Each box has a seasonal theme and features an exclusive candle or product from Tyler Aromatherapy PLUS 3-5 additional full size products from aligned brands. The value of the box is £50-75+ guaranteed!

Can I cancel anytime?

YES! simply login to your accout once you've subscribed and cancel your subscription at no extra cost.

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