Floragy: A Journey of Natural Radiance and Sustainable Skincare

In this blog, we unravel the story behind this exceptional skincare brand, delving into its roots, ethos, and commitment to natural radiance. Join us as we sit down with Louisa, the visionary force behind Floragy, to uncover the inspiration, dedication, and values that have shaped the brand's journey towards offering accessible yet luxurious skincare solutions. From humble beginnings to a flourishing presence in the industry, Floragy stands as a beacon of uncomplicated beauty, championing the transformative power of nature's bounty. 

What inspired you to start Floragy and delve into the world of skincare that aims to boost natural radiance?

I’ve always been interested in skin health and having suffered with dry skin for most of my life, I was forever in search of a product which solved that issue. After years of working in a stressful environment I moved to the Kent coast where life became slower and I was more in tune with my surroundings and what they could offer in terms of a lifestyle reset.

Products I purchased never really hit the spot and I was very aware of not understanding skincare labels and ingredients. This started my interest in creating my own products for my own skin. I researched heavily about naturally derived ingredients and how they could support healthy skin which led to my first product development.

Floragy Skincare

Can you share some insights into your journey from creating skincare recipes for personal use to establishing Floragy as a brand?

As I created and used my first product which was Revive Face Oil, I had compliments from friends on my complexion which led to them trying the product and loving it. As I started to develop a few more products - Renew Clay Mask and Restore Body Oil it became obvious that friends enjoyed the products and there was in fact a market for a locally found business providing quality products making skincare routines simple. It was all very organic and naturally progressed from humble beginnings into a business concept.

How does Floragy stand out in the crowded skincare market, particularly in terms of its ethos and approach?

Our core values are grounded in making skincare accessible to all in terms of pricing and for consumers to be able to understand the ingredients. I always wanted to keep the price low to encourage people to switch to more sustainable, natural choices. I noticed that a lot of product labelling on websites didn’t explain what each ingredient was so who knew what I was putting on my skin! From a personal perspective I am annoyed at how we get bombarded with outrageous claims and sensationalising results of products when the goal should always be to have healthy skin, not perfectly airbrushed skin, as that just isn’t realistic.

I’m honest about where we are as a brand in terms of sustainable practices - we strive to keep improving our practices to become 100% organic, biodegradable packaging and zero carbon footprint, but we’re not quite there yet. However, we do source ingredients responsibly, we don’t individually box our products and every delivery we make is carbon neutral. So although we’re not where we want to be, as a small brand we’re trying to improve daily.

Could you elaborate on the significance of using natural ingredients in your formulations and the benefits they offer?

Many natural ingredients are rich in nutrients beneficial for the skin or body. Ingredients like natural oils, fruit extracts, seeds and herbs can offer vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that support skin health, promote healing and protect against environmental damage.

Naturally derived ingredients can often be more biocompatible with our bodies, leading to fewer adverse reactions. In skincare for example, plant-based ingredients can be more easily accepted by the skin which can minimise the risk of irritation, allergies, or sensitivities. We do need to remember that any ingredient can cause sensitivity, whether they are synthetic or naturally derived, which is why a patch test should always be performed with any type of skincare or beauty product before application.

The holistic benefits of natural ingredients support not just the physical aspects of health but also emotional and mental well-being. For example, essential oils are renowned not only for their direct skin benefits but also for their aromatherapy properties that can influence mood and stress levels.

There's something very grounding and a sense of ritual about utilising plant, seed and fruit extracts to create my formulations. It’s a nod to centuries of understanding about the healing and nourishing properties of plants and minerals to improve wellbeing and help specific ailments.

How do you ensure the accessibility of Floragy products while maintaining high-quality, natural ingredients?

We’ve worked with a few trusted suppliers of raw ingredients for a few years so as our business has grown we’ve been able to take advantage of producing larger quantities which maintains our low price point with our customers.

We also look at multi purpose ingredients like Camellia Oil which we use in a number of our products as it’s one of the most effective ingredients as well as not using outer packaging for our products which helps to keep the product affordable while maintaining sustainability.

Listening to customer feedback has been key, particularly when introducing our subscription offering. Through asking for feedback on what aspects of accessibility are most important to our customers and listening to suggestions we’ve discovered that subscription products, and sizes of the products are important factors when customers purchase.

We focus carefully on the type of products we create and develop the best formulations with high quality ingredients to maintain the quality of the brand and trust with our customer.

Revive Facial Oil by Floragy

Can you take us through your daily skincare routine?

I have a set routine which I stick to, even after a late night! Firstly, I use our Oil-To-Milk cleanser to remove every trace of makeup, it’s so hydrating so it doesn't dry the skin. I follow with a peptide serum then Brighten eye serum which has a rollerball which is cooling around the eye area. Followed by Rejuvenate Face Cream with hyaluronic acid to moisturise and plump the skin, and in the morning I always apply SPF of 40 under my make up.

In the evening, I double cleanse then use the rosewater toner to freshen, followed by serum, moisturiser and then apply an intensive oil as overnight is when the repair stage happens for your skin. I love Nurture as it’s a heavier oil which leaves the skin really nourished in the morning and smells incredible!

In addition, I use a clay face mask once per week and exfoliate. Then I treat myself to 30 minutes of red and infrared LED therapy once per week which is fantastic for rejuvenating the skin.

Can you share some of the challenges you've faced as a small business in the skincare industry, and how you've overcome them?

I think one of the biggest challenges is not getting distracted by what other brands are doing. Within the industry there’s always new product launches, new controversy over specific ingredients and of course trending ingredients and sometimes it’s hard to keep the focus with so much noise around you. When that happens I turn my attention to why I started the brand in the first place and why our customers like our products. You can’t run before you walk so remembering your own goals and following your own path is crucial.

Another challenge is learning to say no. In the first couple of years we’ve said yes to things that really haven’t gained us anything as a brand. We often get approached by publications, distributors etc asking us to supply large quantities of products in return for exposure without paying anything towards production costs. I would advise that unless you’re getting some kind of return on your investment then avoid offers like that. It’s easy to be lulled into a project on the premise of great ‘exposure’ but it rarely leads to anything substantial. However, it has been a learning curve and without those opportunities which haven’t worked out we wouldn’t have learnt from them.

Could you share some customer feedback or success stories that highlight the effectiveness of Floragy's skincare solutions?

One of the biggest joys is receiving feedback from happy customers! Our Calm Face Oil has been hailed as the ‘go to’ product for our customers with sensitive skin, whether that be eczema, acne, redness or psoriasis. Lots of customers with hypersensitive skin and those who can’t use any products on their face without a reaction have contacted me to express how its changed their lives. The amount of reviews we’ve been sent is incredible and I’m so happy to have been able to help so many people. 

Natural Radiance

What advice would you give to individuals looking to transition to a more natural skincare routine?

Don’t try to change your whole routine all at once as this can cause issues with your skin. Start by simplifying and focus on the key steps - cleansing, moisturising and SPF.

Introduce new products one at a time. Research ingredients and know your skin type, and be sure to patch test any new products before full use.

Look to find natural alternatives to specific ingredients, Bakuchiol is a great alternative to retinol and one which can be tolerated by the skin. Rosehip oil is fantastic for healing and brightening the skin due to its high vitamin C content.

If there are specific brands you like the look of, make sure you ask any questions about the products and their brand ethos - they should be willing to help you and be honest about ingredient lists.

Give your skin time to adjust, it can take up to a month for results to be seen from a new skincare routine, listen to your skin, if it’s not happy it will tell you!

Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming products or developments we can expect from Floragy?

Now that would be telling! But we do have a new product in development stages which should be ready in the next couple of months and it fills a nice gap in the skincare routine, watch this space…no spoilers I’m afraid!

I’ve recently retrained as a facialist and offer holistic facial treatments in my treatment room in Faversham, Kent where I use my skincare products to improve skin health, which is proving popular. I’ll be exploring residencies in the UK and abroad to bring Floragy Facials to a wider audience.

Finally, where can our readers shop Floragy?

You can purchase our products through our website Floragy.co.uk or through the shop on our Instagram page floragy_skincare. 

Use code: TYLER20 for 20% off all purchases!

If you’re in the Kent area I offer facial treatments which can also be booked through our website and you can also find me on Instagram @floragy_facials

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