The CENTRED Approach to Hair Recovery and Self-Transformation

A journey of hair recovery and self-transformation with CENTRED, where passion, expertise, and conscious creation converge to redefine the realm of haircare. In this enlightening guest blog, we delve into the story behind CENTRED, a brand rooted in founders Laura and Kieran’s personal journey and professional expertise. From Laura's transformative experience to Kieran's mastery in hairdressing, CENTRED emerges as a beacon of hope and innovation in the realm of haircare. 

Kieran and Laura - founders of CENTRED

Can you share the personal journey that led to the creation of CENTRED, and how Laura's hair recovery experience played a pivotal role?

Laura's journey to founding CENTRED began in a moment of personal crisis. In 2017, she faced a significant health scare which manifested in severe hair loss, losing over a third of her hair in just a few months due to stress and burnout from her demanding career in the fashion industry. This experience wasn't just a physical loss; it deeply impacted her self-esteem and identity.

Determined to find a solution, Laura and I embarked on a mission to recover her hair and, in the process, discovered the profound connection between stress, overall health, and hair vitality. Realising that conventional products and treatments offered only superficial solutions without addressing the root cause sparked the start of our mission.

We delved into the science of trichology, nutrition, and the power of natural ingredients, leading to the development of products designed to nurture hair health from the inside out. This 360 approach became the foundation of CENTRED, a brand committed to helping others experiencing similar issues find balance, well-being, and confidence through effective, natural hair care solutions.


How did your expertise in hairdressing contribute to the development of CENTRED?

My background in hairdressing really gave us the unique set of circumstances with which to collaborate to create our company. We really combined Laura's experience of hair loss with my expertise in hairdressing in order to create our products but this was not a quick process. It took us 18 months to fully recover Laura’s hair back to the thickness it was before the hair loss, during this time we were testing and trying so many different products and methods until we found what was really getting results. Then we had a foundation that we worked closely with our chemist in order to formulate the collection of products that had spent the best part of 2 years in research and development. I really enjoyed this development process and got to test out our formulations on my clients which added a new dimension to what I could offer as a hair professional.

What inspired the three pillars of CENTRED: Seek, Nourish, Grow, and how do they influence your approach to haircare?

Our mantra 'Seek, Nourish, Grow' is a reflection of our personal journey and commitment to our mission. They guide every decision we make, every product we craft, and every relationship we build.

Seek – For us, every quest begins with a search for balance. It's about you embarking on a journey to find what truly works for your hair and well-being. Seeking is exploring – whether it's the perfect natural ingredients, the ideal hair routine, or deeper insights into your own hair's needs.

Nourish – This is where our philosophy of 'from the inside out' comes to life. To nourish is to feed not just your hair, but also your body and mind. Our products are crafted to provide holistic nourishment, ensuring that your journey towards hair wellness is also a journey towards personal well-being.

Grow – Growth is at the heart of CENTRED. It's about more than just achieving longer, stronger hair. It's about the growth of your confidence, the blossoming of your self-image, and the evolution of your personal story. With each day and each use of our products, we celebrate not just healthy hair growth, but personal growth and transformation

Could you walk us through the range of products offered by CENTRED and the specific benefits they provide for hair health and recovery?

The collection is designed to specifically support the two key pillars of healthy hair growth -

Nutrition and scalp health.

Each product has been crafted with a unique purpose that when combined as part of a holistic hair care routine, helps to create truly healthy hair from the inside out.

Tender Love & Hair Supplements: These supplements are a cornerstone of CENTRED's inside-out approach. Formulated with essential nutrients like Biotin, Zinc, and Selenium, they're designed to support hair strength, growth, and health from within. They address nutrient deficiencies and provide the foundational support needed for robust hair growth.

En-Root Scalp Oil: A pre-wash treatment that's like a spa day for your scalp. Infused with Rosemary Leaf Extract, Peppermint Oil, and Salicylic Acid, it soothes, exfoliates, and hydrates the scalp, fostering an optimal environment for hair growth. Regular use helps to alleviate dryness, irritation, and flakiness, promoting healthy hair growth from the roots.

Daily Calma Shampoo and Conditioner: This duo is formulated for those with dry and damaged hair. The shampoo gently cleanses without stripping hair of its natural oils, while the conditioner deeply nourishes and hydrates, leaving hair soft, shiny, and manageable. They're free from harsh sulphates and silicones, making them suitable for sensitive scalps and colour-treated hair.

Heightened Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner: Tailored for fine or thinning hair, this pair works to strengthen and volumize hair from the root. Ingredients like Ginseng and Rice Protein help invigorate the scalp and improve hair density, providing lightweight hydration without weighing hair down.

The Squishy Scalp Massager: This tool enhances the efficacy of CENTRED's scalp treatments. It stimulates blood flow to the scalp, promoting nutrient delivery to hair follicles and encouraging healthy hair growth. It's also great for relieving tension and stress, key contributors to hair issues.

Unwind Detangling Primer: A multifunctional spray that not only detangles but also protects hair from the ravages of heat styling, UV rays, and environmental pollutants. Infused with Vitamins E and A, it serves as a protective shield, keeping hair healthy, shiny, and resilient against external stressors. Its lightweight formula ensures hair remains smooth and manageable without weighing it down, making it an essential step in any hair care routine focused on maintaining the integrity and health of the hair

En-root Scalp Oil

What sets CENTRED apart from other haircare brands in terms of effectiveness and results?

CENTRED distinguishes itself through a blend of meticulous science, natural ingredients, and a holistic philosophy that addresses hair health from the inside out. Here's what truly sets us apart:

The Inside Out Method™: A unique approach that not only focuses on topical treatments but also emphasizes the importance of internal health for hair vitality. By combining nutritionally-rich supplements with high-quality scalp and hair products, CENTRED ensures that hair benefits from a comprehensive care routine.

Expertly Crafted Formulas: Developed with the collaboration of award-winning hairstylist Kieran Tudor and nutrition experts, our products are designed to combat the effects of stress, hormonal imbalances, and environmental factors on hair health.

Results-Driven: CENTRED is committed to providing solutions that offer visible results. By focusing on the root causes of hair and scalp issues, our products work to improve hair health over time, with thousands of customers reporting noticeable differences in their hair’s thickness, strength, and overall health.

Sustainable and Ethical: We are not just about results but also about how we achieve them. Our commitment to sustainability and conscious practices is evident in our ingredient sourcing, packaging, and business operations, ensuring that our products are as kind to the planet as they are to your hair.

Innovative Ingredients : Utilising the power of natural ingredients like Rosemary Leaf Extract, Bamboo Silica, and Amino Acids, our products harness the best of nature and science. These ingredients are selected for their proven benefits, offering targeted support for hair growth, strength, and scalp health.

Community and Education: Beyond products, CENTRED fosters a community of education and support. Through our blog ‘The Root of IT’, social media, and personal interactions, we aim to empower individuals with knowledge and tools for stress management, nutritional support, and haircare practices that contribute to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle - Being CENTRED.

What’s your secret to healthy hair?

The secret is there’s no magic pill. It is really a commitment to yourself and your health and ultimately a combination of products along with a consistent routine that gets the best results. My top tip is to avoid damaging your hair unnecessarily, from things like excess heat, mechanical damage or chemical processing. Essentially, your hair will be in its best condition if you are in your best health. Of course we exist as a company because modern life is challenging and hair loss and scalp issues are common problems. There’s more stress than ever and on top of that, both women and men experience the potential for hair loss due to various triggers and at multiple times through life, for women that includes postpartum and menopause too. 

Can you share any success stories or testimonials from customers who have experienced transformative results with CENTRED products?

Sure, here’s a great success story of one of our customers Jess who had severe hair shedding after being ill with Covid. Jess began taking two capsules of our Tender Love and Hair Supplements daily alongside twice weekly scalp treatments with En-Root Scalp Oil and saw improvements in 3 months. After 6 months her hair density at the roots had fully recovered and she reported having even fuller hair then before as she had a vegan diet so may have been lacking in some key nutrients. 

CENTRED success story

How do you envision the future of CENTRED, and what goals do you have for the brand in terms of innovation and expansion?

Our vision is to be the leading hair wellness company certainly in the UK but also internationally too. We want to inspire positive change and we believe in simple acts of self care that make the world of difference. One of the innovations we are working on currently is a diagnostics tool to help our customers diagnose their issue more easily, using technology that will also prescribe more tailored and personalised solutions.

Lastly, what message or advice would you like to share with individuals who are embarking on their own journey of hair recovery and self-transformation?

Embarking on a journey of hair recovery and self-transformation is both brave and rewarding. Embrace patience and persistence. Hair recovery, much like any form of personal transformation, is a journey of small steps and big leaps of faith. Trust in the process and know that the changes you're making today will lead to results you'll thank yourself for tomorrow. Remember, it's not just about the destination but the journey itself. Each day is an opportunity to nourish your body, mind, and soul in ways that reflect back not just in the health of your hair but in the vibrancy of your entire being.

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