Harmony from the Sea: Why Sea moss is fast becoming a top superfood

Sea moss, a revered superfood, takes centre stage in their offerings, fostering optimal health and well-being. Join us as we delve into the journey of Pardasa's founder, Simon, and his vision to share the treasures of Mother Nature with the world. Discover the hidden potential of seamoss, the commitment to sustainability, and the fusion of ancient wisdom with modern wellness, all encapsulated in the essence of Pardasa's sea moss alchemy. Let's dive in!

Pardasa sea moss

Hi Simon! Can you share the story behind the inception of Pardasa and how your personal journey led you to create a brand centred around natural remedies like sea moss?

I’ve always been health conscious, especially when accepting that living in today’s world, we’ve really succumbed to unhealthy convenience and bad social habits. I’m by no means perfect (I love my rum & coke), but with that I’ve always wanted to balance out the bad vices. This is where traditional practices like Water Fasting and natural remedies, like Sea Moss enter the frame. 


However, when sourcing natural remedies online it was always a minefield of ‘Who can I trust?’. My typical purchasing journey consisted of a very long time reading reviews of the product & company before making any purchase. If there was a company or marketplace which built the trust, transparency and integrity to remove this friction for people like me, that would be amazing - Pardasa was born.


For readers who may not know what sea moss is, can you tell us a little bit about it?

Sea Moss is a red algae grown sustainably in St Lucia. It’s a mineral dense superfood, famously stated to contain 92 of 102 minerals our bodies need to thrive. The significant benefits to note are its ability to improve gut health, boost energy and support immunity, but there is so much more.

Pardasa sea moss

The concept of "premium-quality natural remedies" is at the heart of Pardasa. Could you explain the unique benefits of seamoss and how it contributes to promoting optimal health and vitality?

Its real super power is supplementing the mineral deficiencies a lot of us have but are mostly unaware of, which is why you hear of a lot of people swearing by different improvements to their overall health.  


From boosted energy, weight loss and even heighten libido, it finds its way improving the vitality of people trying it. It’s a great all-rounded and a natural alternative to the majority of synthetic multivitamins some people take on a daily basis.

Your belief in accessing the "purest manifestations of the invaluable gifts bestowed upon us by Mother Nature" is inspiring. How do you ensure the quality and purity of your seamoss products?

Well our Sea Moss is periodically tested here in the UK to check things like mineral content. We have huge ambitions to scale this out, increasing the frequency and range of testing. However being a small family business we have limited funding to do it at the scale that we want - but this will change! 


We have direct contact with the suppliers in St Lucia and I personally go out twice a year, taking part in the farming process so that I know exactly what’s being sold under the Pardasa brand.


Also, our Sea Moss is grown in the volcanic waters of St Lucia, contributing to the mineral rich Sea Moss that we offer.

Sea Moss has gained popularity as a superfood. Can you delve into the nutritional value and potential health benefits that consumers can expect from incorporating your products into their daily routines?

As mentioned, Sea Moss is super high in minerals. With essentials like calcium for strong bones, magnesium for muscle and nerve function, and iodine to keep that thyroid in check. However Sea Moss also offers a nice spread of vitamins like A, C, and K. 


It’s also a prebiotic, meaning it helps create a happy home for all those good gut bacteria, aiding digestion. And if you've got a nagging cold or even asthma, its mucilaginous properties can help clear out mucus from your respiratory tract.


There’s so many benefits but another area in which Sea Moss can help is with Perimenopausal symptoms which we’ve written a blog article about. From weight loss management by reducing blood sugar spikes to supporting your hormonal balance, it's proven again to be a great all-rounder.

Pardasa sea moss

Sustainability is a critical aspect of conscious consumer choices. How does Pardasa approach sustainable sourcing and harvesting practices to ensure a positive impact on marine ecosystems?

Our Sea Moss is wild crafted rather than wild harvested. Since our Sea Moss is grown on ropes in the ocean and not harvested from rocks it’s actually positive to biodiversity. It plays a vital role in mitigating the harmful effects of carbon dioxide on our oceans. 


Through the process of photosynthesis, Sea Moss absorbs carbon dioxide from the surrounding water, which can help to reduce the concentration of this gas in the ocean. This is really important, as high levels of carbon dioxide can contribute to ocean acidification, a process that can have catastrophic consequences for marine life. In addition to its carbon absorption properties, sea moss also provides essential nutrients and serves as a vital food source for a variety of marine organisms.

Sea Moss can be consumed in various forms. Could you share some creative and practical ways customers can integrate your products into their diets or wellness regimens?

It’s so versatile. We sell it in its raw dried form, but also in a gel and capsules.


With the gel you can eat it straight from the spoon, add it to your smoothie or porridge. With the capsules you can even do the same - simply empty the Sea Moss powder into your food in the same way.


In a market with various wellness products, what sets Pardasa's seamoss offerings apart?

Quality over quantity. We have stuck to a limited set of Sea Moss offerings since we wanted to perfect and refine our gels and capsules. But that goes for everything else we’ve released. It would be so easy to source a huge range of products that are popular, but by sticking to our ethos it takes time to onboard the right product from the right supplier.

Education often plays a crucial role in promoting natural remedies. How does Pardasa engage with its community to raise awareness about the benefits of seamoss and holistic health practices?

Our main channel is instagram and our website blog. But I really love having the opportunity to spread awareness on blogs like this.

Simon - Founder of Pardasa

Sea Moss is deeply rooted in traditional health practices. How does Pardasa blend traditional wisdom with modern scientific knowledge to create products that resonate with a diverse audience?

Interesting question - we are definitely holistic thinkers and traditional ancient knowledge is highly regarded. Our ancestors definitely knew a lot when it comes to herbalism and science is always pulling from their wisdom. undoubtedly consumers want the tangibles, so the ‘backed by science’ evidence is super important so we do what we can to bridge the gap. It’s not an easy task because there are a lot of herbs which don’t have the funded studies, but my dream is to collaborate with other Sea Moss companies to maybe fund our own study. I’ve actually spoken to a couple and it would be amazing to see it through!


Looking ahead, what is your vision for the future of Pardasa? How do you envision the brand's impact on individuals' well-being and the wider appreciation of natural remedies?

I want Pardasa to be a place where people can find the best and trusted natural products, but not only Pardasa branded. Even other brands which have the same ethos and quality, removing the doubt from the consumer. Premium quality which everyone can trust and a community built at the same time. 


Pardasa sea moss

Give our readers 5 reasons to try sea moss right now

  1. Improve your gut health
  2. Boost your energy (we all need it!)
  3. A natural way to combat any mineral deficiencies 
  4. Great for the whole family even children
  5. Can support weight loss


Your brand ethos centres around wellness, what does this mean for you?

Just finding your balance in life. It’s not about being completely obsessed with health whereby you can’t even enjoy life but doing what you can to optimise your health, mentally, physically and spiritually.


Finally, Where can we buy your products or learn more

Follow us on instagram @pardasa.co.uk and visit our website HERE 

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