5 Reasons to love garden candles

With spring here and summer nights around the corner, it's time to give your outdoor space a glow up. Create the ultimate Mediterranean vibe, upgrade your summer table settings and keep the bugs away naturally with our reusable ceramic garden candles - guaranteed to keep the positive vibes flowing throughout the year. In this blog post, we reveal 5 reasons to love our newly launched garden candles. 

'Pot of Herbs' scent blend

We created a garden candle that is a million times better than those concrete citronella scented candles we can all find in our local garden centres (you know exactly what we're talking about). There are actually five amazing essential oils that go into our top secret 'pot of herbs' blend; citronella is one of them, along with lemongrass and basil essential oils that give the candle a real Mediterranean feel. Feedback from our customers revealed a common theme that the scent reminded them of their past holidays (who wouldn't want their home or garden to smell like a holiday?!). 

A style that suits

Our garden candles come in two sizes and four glaze options to suit any style of home and garden. The Blue Ombre glaze is reminiscent of Italy or Greece, a deep blue drippy glaze. The Cream ribbed glaze is the most contemporary style and would make any 'neutral home' owner weak at the knees. The Green Ombre glaze makes the perfect gift to any 'green fingered' friend, its the glaze that fits into any garden style. The Green Speckle glaze suits a house full of plants, it speckled glaze is reminiscent of a Philodendron plant. 

garden candle sizes

A natural bug repellent

We'll be honest, we didn't know outdoor candles were a thing until last year, the key to a great garden candle is the ability to repell bugs while smelling delicious and avoiding that sickly citronella scent. An insect repelling citronella candle is okay - handy and pleasant when you get a whiff of it, too - but a luxury garden candle with that same bug-banning greatness and a high-end scent? (adds to cart immediately) not to mention the garden candle pot is gorgeously handmade and makes for a wonderful outdoor dining centrepiece. Light one of our garden candles and you won't find a bug bite in sight! 

A pot to last forever

The beautiful ceramic pots have been carefully designed to burn a candle evenly and slowly, meaning no wax left once your candle has finished! All you need to do is wash out your pot with warm soapy water, and it can then be reused as a plant pot. The standard size pot measures 8cm x 8cm, perfect for a cactus or succulent. The large size pot measures 10cm x 11cm, perfect for both indoor houseplants and compact outdoor plants. The natural plant oils and wax are non toxic so any waxy residue will not harm your new plants! 

tyler aromatherapy garden candles

Indoor and outdoor use

"I created these garden candles using naturally derived wax and pure essential oils. Although named 'garden candles' they make for amazing indoor candles too. The scent throw is powerful and will travel throughout the home without overpowering. Its the perfect addition to any home and garden. Last summer we sold out 6 times! "

Ellie - Founder and CEO

How big are the pots?

The standard size pots are 8cm H x 8cm W. The large size pots are 10cm H x 11cm W.

How long to they burn for?

The standard size burns for 35 hours. The Large size burns for 65 hours. Both are filled with soy wax, this has a much longer burn time that other waxes.

How much are they to buy?

The standard sizes are £19. The large sizes are £39

Are they pet safe?

100% pet safe. Zero harmful or synthetic ingredients.

Where can I purchase them?

https://tyleraromatherapy.co.uk/ - on our website.

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