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With the arrival of spring and the promise of warm summer nights ahead, now is the perfect time to enhance your outdoor living space. Whether you're looking to create a relaxing Mediterranean atmosphere, elevate your summer table settings, or naturally keep pests at bay, our newly launched garden candles offer the perfect solution and would make spectacular gifts for her garden. 

The perfect gift for her garden

  • Superior to Standard Options - a size to suit all spaces.

  • Over 3000 happy customers - each is hand poured using the finest ingredients. 

  • Natural Bug Repellent - we use a bespoke essential oil blend that is reminscent of the Mediterranean

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5 Reasons these make the perfect gift for her garden

1. Better Than Traditional Garden Center Candles : Our candles are miles ahead of the typical concrete citronella candles found at local garden centers. They contain a blend of five essential oils, including citronella, lemongrass, and basil, that evoke the Mediterranean vibe while effectively repelling bugs. Customers often say the scent reminds them of past vacations, transporting them back to cherished moments.

2. Versatile Glaze Options : Available in two sizes and four beautiful glaze options, our candles fit effortlessly into any garden style:

  • Blue Ombre Glaze : Reminiscent of the serene coastlines of Italy or Greece, its deep blue tones are perfect for a Mediterranean touch.
  • Cream Ribbed Glaze : The contemporary design in neutral tones will appeal to any minimalist.
  • Green Ombre Glaze : Ideal for the green-thumbed friend, this glaze complements any outdoor space seamlessly.
  • Green Speckle Glaze : A natural, plant-inspired design that adds flair to a home filled with greenery.

3. Bug-Repellent and Aromatic : Each candle combines insect-repelling properties with a high-end fragrance, delivering a luxurious experience free from the overpowering citronella scent of standard bug candles.

4. Eco-Friendly Reusability : Crafted from carefully designed ceramic pots, these candles burn evenly and slowly, leaving no wax behind. Afterward, simply wash them out and repurpose them as planters. The smaller pot (8cm x 8cm) suits succulents, while the larger size (10cm x 11cm) accommodates indoor and outdoor plants alike.

5. Non-Toxic and Safe for Plants : The natural essential oils and wax used are non-toxic, so any leftover wax residue won't harm your plants.

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Garden candles

These garden candles make stunning centerpieces and a thoughtful gift for any garden lover. Treat yourself or a loved one to this unique gift that will add warmth and fragrance to every outdoor gathering.

- Made using pure essential oils - a mediterrenean scent blend 

- Natural Bug Repellent Properties 

- Unique gift for garden lovers 

Founder of Tyler Aromatherapy

The Maker - Ellie Tyler

Ellie is the founder of Tyler Aromatherapy. She has expert knowledge around essential oils and has been making per innovative mood-enhancing candles for years. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size should I get?

The standard size pots are 8cm H x 8cm W. The large size pots are 10cm H x 11cm W. Standard size scent will fill a small garden, large size scent will fill a medium space. If you have a larger garden perhaps purchase a few. 

How long do they burn for?

The standard size burns for 35 hours. The Large size burns for 65 hours. Both are filled with soy wax, this has a much longer burn time that other waxes.

How to reuse once the candle is finished?

Simply wash your emty pot with warm soap water! voile! your new plant pot. 

Is there only one scent to choose from?

Yes - you can choose your pot size and glaze though. The scent blend is herby, citrusy and super uplifting on the mood. Not forgetting those amazing natural bug repllent properites too!

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