3 Ways to feel more ‘SPRING’

We are well into the spring season, but many have been struggling to continue to live seasonally when the weather in the UK appears to be stuck somewhere in between the cold cloudy darkness of winter and the pleasant sunshine of spring.

The plants around us are blooming, forests are coloured with a carpet of blue, pops of pink and white appear in our eyes from the beautiful blossom trees. Yet with all the grey skies, it’s no wonder we may have lost the joy of spring. 

Here are three simple ways to help us feel more ‘SPRING’

1. Go to a forest, forage some wild bluebells or any plant that catches your eye. Pop them into vases all around your home, each time you look at them will be a reminder of Spring. Bluebells will stay fresh for around 10 days with plenty of water in a sunny spot. Try to use plants with plenty of colour to brighten up a grey day. It will play a role in living seasonally as not only will you have beautiful flowers to look at, you will feel connected with nature as you have picked them yourself. 

2. Light a floral, fresh candle, such as the Lemon Verbena, Neroli + Cedarwood candle. Choosing an uplifting scent and lighting it during the day will boost your mood, and create a fresh spring atmosphere in your space. The aroma of the candle and the flowers work in harmony to bring some sunshine. P.s Lemon verbena is very easy to grow in your garden. 

3. Drink your morning brew in the garden.
It may be tempting to stay warm in your bed if the morning sky is full of clouds, but you really need to just put in your coat or dressing down and head out to the garden. Try not to take any distractions with you, sip your coffee while listening to the sound of the birds singing, find beauty in the wet grass or a new bud forming on a flower. Doing this will not only improve your mood, it will allow you to connect with your natural surroundings

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