Q&A with No Ordinary Moments: The power of Adaptogens

Welcome to an enlightening journey with No Ordinary Moments, a brand that has unlocked the gateway to vitality, mindfulness, and uplifted spirits through their innovative super foods and adaptogenic blends. Founder's story resonates with countless individuals who found solace in their daily coffee ritual, only to realise its unintended impact on their inner well-being. Keep reading to discover the power of adaptogens. 

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Can you share more about the pivotal moment that led you to recognize the connection between your coffee habit and the internal struggles you were facing, ultimately inspiring the birth of No Ordinary Moments?

I was living in San Francisco at the time, working 14-hour-plus days in the heart of Silicon Valley for the social media company Bebo.com. 

My normal routine consisted of 2x black americanos before noon and at least two cappuccinos in the afternoon; sometimes I would have a couple of espressos in the evening as well. 

I couldn't focus on anything—I was riddled with anxiety and wanted to run away and hide from everything and everyone. 

One day, I hit a total breaking point and managed to pause in my tracks and ask myself if this was really working. 

My life was filled with attachments. Coffee was my number one. I thought it was a superpower that everyone drank to help them perform, get things done, and move ahead in the world. 

I just never questioned whether it actually worked for me. So, I set upon a journey to create a better coffee that would help me perform and do the things I love. 

"No Ordinary Moments' was born out of my own awareness, if anything, and selfishly just trying to solve my own problems."

Founder of No Ordinary Moments

For readers that have never tried mushroom adaptogens before...

Imagine driving to your best friend's house for a dinner party. As you set off, you're filled with excitement, but then it starts to rain. The rain gets very heavy, and you're now driving through a storm. 

The windshield wipers are furiously moving back and forth to help you see where you're going. But then the rain turns to hail. You can either fight the journey, get angry at the weather, and be annoyed at yourself for being late to the party, or you can pull over, wait for the storm to pass, and let blue skies open up. 

Mushrooms and adaptogens work much like that journey in your car. When you try one of our products for the first time, some people feel an effect right away, but for most, it takes around week three or four. 

The magic happens when you look back over the course of the month and notice subtle changes in yourself. 

You realize you've been slightly less reactive. You've been able to find moments of presence during the day. You've managed to slow down and notice yourself being a little less attached to chaos, allowing you to think more clearly. You notice you were just generally quite happy

Life can sometimes feel like driving through a storm. Everything is coming at you all at once. Instead of fighting your internal battles, you become aware of what's happening around you. So you can make the best choices for yourself. 

The journey of creating a new drink to support your well-being is fascinating. Could you elaborate on how you meticulously chose the 18 superfood ingredients and adaptogens in your blends to address specific aspects like mental performance, recovery, immunity, and mood?

I love coffee—the smell, the taste, and the culture. So when creating Moksha, I still wanted that coffee kick, but without affecting my sleep, focus, or mood.

I embarked on a journey to discover superfoods from around the world to enhance my performance. 

Reishi for anxiety and recovery, Lions Mane for focus, mental acuity, and flow, Chaga for overall health and immunity, Cordyceps for energy and physical prowess, Turmeric and chai for inflammation, Cacao for mood, and decaf coffee for taste. 

The challenge was making these incredible ingredients taste good together. It took many years to crack, but if I may say so, it's now delicious—a blend of chocolate chai latte with unparalleled benefits for my brain and body.

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Meditation, creativity, writing, and exercise are vital aspects of a balanced life. How does consuming your blends align with these activities and enhance the experience of being present in the moment?

Ultimately, you have to discover what suits you best. I developed Moksha and Plant Protein+ because I couldn't find anything in the market that aligned with my needs.

 After a workout, you want to help your body recover so you can train again and fuel your muscles. 

My choices were limited to traditional whey-based protein shakes loaded with sweeteners or plant-based proteins that caused bloating. 

I yearned for a coffee-based solution that would enhance my focus and help me enter a state of flow while writing or brainstorming ideas. 

If our products resonate with you, it warms my heart. 

However, if they don't, I'm committed to helping you find what does. I believe perpetual experimentation is the only pathway forward.

n a world where wellness products abound, what sets No Ordinary Moments apart from other brands? Are there specific values or principles that define your approach to creating these blends?

Our main core values are: Vegan, Gluten free, Paleo and Organic. 

We will never use any sweeteners or flavours to mask the taste of natures goodness. We believe in just sourcing the best ingredients on the market and letting them speak for themselves.

The term "Moksha" carries deep significance. Could you explain the inspiration behind choosing this name for your brand and how it embodies the essence of your products?

Moksha, originally comes from Eastern spiritual traditions like Hinduism, Buddhism and signifies the ultimate liberation of the soul from the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

It's a transcendent state of profound freedom and enlightenment, where the individual soul achieves union with the universal consciousness, shedding all attachments and desires. 

Just like we are attached to caffeine. I wanted to create a name that carried the opposite of attachment. With “Moksha” being decaffeinated, it is the freedom from traditional coffee choices. 

Looking forward, what vision do you hold for No Ordinary Moments? How do you envision these superfoods and adaptogenic blends making a difference in people's lives on a broader scale?

We're gearing up to expand our product range to cater to a wider audience, with the firm belief that I never want to come across as someone who imposes a single path. 

When you initiate a brand, it often stems from solving your personal dilemmas, but it also evolves into a platform for helping others. 

For instance, considering my parents are in their 70s and cherish their morning instant coffee, one of our upcoming launches is an upgraded instant coffee. 

Early research shows the lion's mane's potential to protect against neurological damage and promote the growth of nerve tissue, which is important for those with Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease.

Originally crafted for them, this offering named Javasu boasts 500mg of medicinal mushrooms such as Lion’s Mane, Chaga, and Reishi. 

We've also incorporated l-theanine, fostering a blend of relaxed and focused calm.  There new daily cup will taste great as well as packing a punch of health benefits every cup they drink.

How do you drink your Moksha? We love ours!

I love my Moksha in the afternoon around 3pm. 

I make it, how you would make a cappuccino or latte. ⅔ hot water and top off with Milk. I love it with the Barrista Oatly.  There is a Moksha recipe on the back of every pack to help get you started. From there experiment to make it perfect to you. 

Finally, how can readers find you and buy your products?

Every other week we write a newsletter called the Elixir. We write about mental health, happiness strategies and frameworks, philosophy to improve your days. We also do exclusive product drops and offers. 

To stay updated head over to our website

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