Spotlight on Perl Cosmetics - Waterless and Customisable Skincare

Perl Cosmetics approaches skincare with a profound understanding of its impact on mental well-being. With innovative waterless formulations, a commitment to purity, and a unique focus on customization, Perl Cosmetics has found its niche by being more than just a skincare brand—it's a holistic wellness experience. Today, we chatted to founder Isobel to explore the heart of Perl Cosmetics, to uncover what sets them apart, and to discover the beauty of embracing simplicity with a purpose.

Perl Cosmetics

Can you share the inspiration behind founding Perl Cosmetics and the mission that drives your skincare brand?

In a world where the pursuit of flawless skin often overshadows the importance of mental well-being, I embarked on a journey fueled by a personal mission. 

As someone who has personally experienced the profound impact that skin concerns can have on mental health, I realised the need to create a skincare experience that not only delivers results but also uplifts spirits.

 I also realised that skincare routines, when approached with a sense of enjoyment and self-care, have the power to help alleviate depression and anxiety.

Drawing from my scientific expertise, I embarked on the creation of a revolutionary product that harnessed the power of natural ingredients to achieve maximum results. Utilising waterless formulations, I eliminated harsh alcohols and preservatives, believing in the importance of nurturing the skin with gentle yet effective components. 

Beyond merely offering skincare products, my ultimate mission is to inspire others to embrace their beauty and cultivate confidence that radiates from within.

"Realising that 98% of people with skin concerns experienced negative mental health, I felt a need to make a difference"

Isobel - Founder

Perl Cosmetics emphasises embracing natural beauty and confidence. How do you see skincare and beauty impacting mental health and overall well-being?

A recent study showed that 98% of people living with skin conditions find their mental health and wellbeing suffer as a result.

However, on the flip side, it’s been proven that keeping a skincare routine and the act of taking care of yourself leads to a reduction in depression and anxiety. 

In a world where we are hyper aware of our imperfections, it was important to me to create a business which encourages us to embrace our natural beauty and indulge in self-care. 

Your skincare products are known for their waterless formulations. Could you explain the advantages of this approach, particularly in terms of preserving the product and making it kinder to the skin?

Absolutely, water is usually the most common ingredient in skincare products meaning that sometimes over 80% of your skincare is actually aqua (water). Not only are you then paying for a product which is 80% water meaning you have less active ingredients, you also need to preserve the formula with alcohols or preservatives to prevent moult and bacteria from growing. 

Common preservatives and alcohols are incredibly harsh on the skin, they can be drying and cause irritation. This is why we opt for waterless formulas, negating the need to incorporate harsh preservatives or alcohols making our products kinder on your skin. 

British pink clay mask

One of the products featured in our subscription box is the "Nourishing Lash Oil." Could you tell us more about this product and its key benefits?

Our Nourishing Lash Oil was created to help support healthy, natural growh of your eyelashes with a 100% natural plant seed oil formula.

It helps to strengthen, nourish and reduce damage and lash loss when used daily. 

You've spoken about the cons of other lash oils on the market containing harmful ingredients. What sets Perl Cosmetics' Nourishing Lash Oil apart, and how does it address these concerns?

Many serums on the market currently contain prostaglandins, which are synthetic growth hormones. Despite these serums growing your lashes, they have some nasty side effects such as causing irritation, unwanted hair growth and even orbital fat loss.

Our lash oil is made from a 100% natural plant seed oil formula which produces the results with none of the nasty side effects. 

Customisation seems to be a theme with Perl Cosmetics. How can customers tailor your products to their specific needs, and why is this important for skincare?

Our clay masks have been formulated to be customisable to the individuals skin, whereby they can alter both the texture and the amount of oil used in the mask.

It is important for skincare to be tailored to individual needs as skincare shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach. Everyone's skin is different, with differing needs and thus being in control of the end product provides the best results for each individual.


Perl Cosmetics takes pride in keeping ingredient lists concise and free of harmful elements. Could you elaborate on the specific ingredients that make the Nourishing Lash Oil stand out and how they benefit us?

There are just 10 ingredients in our Nourishing Lash Oil, the key ingredients include:

CASTOR OIL: containing ricinoleic acid, which helps promote hair growth.

ARGAN OIL which is High in vitamin E and fatty acids to nourish and hydrate the eyelashes.

PUMPKIN SEED OIL Rich in vitamins and minerals, providing essential nutrients to the eyelashes.

Could you provide some insights into how Perl Cosmetics maintains sustainability and environmental consciousness in its production and packaging?

All our products are made in small batches in house, meaning we can keep waste to a minimum and produce only what we need when we need. 

Not only this, but we offer refillable options for our skincare products allowing customers to purchase either a cardboard refill for their masks, or a glass bottle with an aluminium lid to reuse their current pipettes. 

As we grow and evolve, we strive to improve our refillable options as well as remain as sustainable as possible. 

Lastly, Where can readers shop Perl?

Via our website discount code TYLER10 for 10% off orders over £20

Thanks Isobel ! 

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