Discovering Self-Love and Empowerment with Spirit Moon Studios

Today, we dive deep into the world of brands that inspire self-love and empowerment. we're excited to introduce you to Spirit Moon Studios, a brand dedicated to nurturing your inner strength and self-worth through the power of affirmations. Meet Clare, the founder of Spirit Moon Studios, as we explore the heart and soul behind this empowering venture.

Spirit Moon Studios
Spirit Moon Studios

What inspired you to create Spirit Moon Studios and focus on affirmations for self-love and empowerment?

My inspiration came from experiencing my own difficulties with my health and mental health, and discovering what tools and strategies helped me through that. I’ve always been creative, and always had the urge to help other people, so creating my products and hearing they’re helping other people means the world to me. 

"My brand is all about self-love, empowerment and soul care, so knowing I’m helping other people is what inspires and energises me!"

Clare - Founder

Could you tell us more about your affirmation kits and how they work How do users find the right affirmation for them?

My affirmation kits are all created to encourage self-love and self-compassion, yet each one has a different focus. They include positive affirmations for confidence, soothing, uplifting, inspiring, empowering and affirmations to promote body positivity.

 I also have a kit of self-care ideas, a children’s affirmation kit to encourage confidence, and my new fun sassy and sweary affirmations.

You can find the right kit by thinking about how you’d like to feel, then picking the one that fits that energy. For example if you feel stressed or anxious and would like to feel calmer, I’d recommend the Soothe kit which encourages mindfulness and brings a sense of tranquillity.

Affirmations work best with regular repetition, so you can pick one from your kit and then keep it in your pocket, stick it on the mirror, or keep it nearby so you see it often. People often expect to feel different instantly, then feel they’ve failed if this doesn’t happen, but this is totally normal. I always say the affirmations are aspirational - something to practise and work towards. By using them over time you’ll gently shift your mindset, and then nothing can hold you back!

Spirit Moon Studios

Can you share a success story from someone who has experienced positive transformation through your products?

One of my customers bought a kit for her sister who was struggling with anxiety at university. Before using them she felt overwhelmed and stressed all the time. She said that using the affirmations really helped her to feel calmer, more focused and boosted her confidence in her capabilities. She continued to keep them displayed so they kept helping her, which I loved to hear.

Another customer also bought an uplifting affirmations kit for her coffee table, so friends could choose one to feel uplifted and encouraged when they visited. I loved that idea, that she was sharing what helped her and sharing the joy she experienced with them! 

Something I find so special is having customers who frequently buy for someone they love who is struggling. The fact that my products can help is amazing in itself, but I’m so touched by their care and love. It really reminds me how much people care for each other and is so special to witness.

How do affirmations play a role in improving mental health and well-being?

Affirmations work very gently by subtly shifting your mindset. We all hold beliefs about ourselves and the world, and sometimes these can limit us and hold us back. Positive affirmations challenge these beliefs by giving our minds an alternative truth. They provide a more positive and optimistic outlook on life, your worth, potential and abilities. By using them consistently, you’re telling your brain you believe this new truth over the old version you’ve always known. Over time, the way you see yourself and your life will change, impacting every aspect of your life for the better.

Can you share some insights into the science or psychology behind the effectiveness of affirmations?

As a Psychology gradutate, this is one of my favourite topics!

Without going in too deep, the way we see ourselves and our place in the world is formed in childhood and keeps developing based on how we are treated by others. This is how we understand every experience in our life, through this lens.

If you hold a (negative) belief about yourself, you're likely to unconsciously find evidence to support that view.

But this can change…

Our brains work by using chemicals and electrical impulses to build fast connections and when something is repeated, a pathway is formed. The more something is repeated, the stronger the pathway.

This means that the old belief has a very strong pathway in your brain and not much is needed to reinforce it. Your brain will choose it easily and quickly. 

But this is also how we can build new beliefs. When you start with an affirmation, you probably don't feel that it’s true for you deep down. You may want to believe it, but it just doesn't feel like it 'fits' you. 

That's because we just need to build the new pathway.

This is why affirmations need to be repeated often and used regularly and consistently. Building a new pathway takes hard work. We're working towards making this new pathway so strong that your brain chooses it over the old one.

This is how we change our mindset and also change the structure of our brain, which is pretty powerful!

Studies have found that using affirmations decreases stress, increases wellbeing, and expands your perspective of yourself and the world. You're literally taking control of how you think about yourself and the world.

Spirit Moon Spirit

In your experience, how have affirmations helped individuals overcome challenges related to self-esteem and self-worth?

I think the impact of affirmations comes from offering that alternative truth to how we feel about ourselves and what we’re capable of. 

Many of my customers have said they love having an affirmation they can put in their pocket to come back to in the day, or keep within sight as a reminder when things feel hard. One has told me that having that little boost has really helped them to feel more confident and self-assured. You’re consistently telling yourself that you are worthy and capable, and over time this sinks in.

I think many of us struggle with thinking kindly or compassionately about ourselves; somehow we feel it’s indulgent or selfish. If anything we’re likely to be hard on ourselves, so having an affirmation that reminds you of your power, capability and worth can be a real boost to your confidence.

What is your personal favourite affirmation, and why does it hold a special place for you?

‘I am enough’

Clare - Founder

I have really struggled with people-pleasing and perfectionism (and often still do!) so this one is a gentle and simple reminder that I don’t need to do anything other than be myself, and that is always enough. I find it really powerful.

What's the future vision for Spirit Moon Studios?

Meeting my customers at events has been such a joy this year, and I have an endless list of exciting product ideas to work on. 

Ultimately I’d love to keep expanding in every way so I can reach more people and help them to feel more empowered, confident and worthy - that is what always continues to inspire me!

A total dream would be to have my own shop or unit… I’d love to create a beautiful space for wellness. I already have plans for the layout, decor and the small details I’d include!

Finally, how can readers find you and buy your products?

All my products, including my affirmation kit range, are available to buy in my Etsy shop

Connecting authentically with others means so much to me, I’ve met some amazing people through my business! 

I have an email list for my VIP customers who receive early access to new product launches, exclusive offers and extra content including full/new moon insights. Join us here.

I’d also love to connect on socials - find me @spiritmoonstudios on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and TikTok!

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