Bathing in Nature's Bliss: Unveiling The Eden Collections' Secrets.

We were delighted to feature The Eden Collections in our last "Tyler Exclusive" subscription box, and we'd love to introduce your brand to our audience through a guest blog. To help our readers get acquainted with The Eden Collections and the wonderful products you've crafted, we've prepared a few questions. Feel free to provide detailed responses that showcase the unique story behind your brand and the exceptional qualities of your bath bombs.

The Eden Collections

Hey Babu! Can you share the inspiration behind starting The Eden Collections and your journey into creating 100% natural bath bombs?

When I tried my friend’s homemade bath bomb for the first time, I loved how soft my skin was after that. However I immediately noticed things that I would change in a bath bomb. During the first lock down, I started to make some for myself and loved the result. I gave some to my friends and family and they wanted more. I simply couldn’t stop since then and as I deepened my knowledge in natural skincare it became more and more obvious that I want to make more products and would like them to be available for everyone. 

Your journey began with homemade bath bombs. What was the defining moment that made you decide to share your creations with a wider audience?

When I received feedback from family and friends, how amazing they are and how much they would like more. They started to encourage me to sell them and as I am ambitious, it opened a whole new chapter in my mind and I am living that dream since then. 

What makes your bath bombs stand out, especially in terms of being 100% natural and crafted with the highest quality clean ingredients?

I was experimenting a lot to make them perfect in every way. I pay attention to details from the decoration, through its texture ‘til the scent and the perfect amount and combination of organic butters. There is always only one person in my mind, my customer. Not my ego, not my income but the person who will use it. 

I enrich them with pure essential oils, and organic butters and it is non-negotiable to me.  Wellness products are not only about our skin but also about selfcare which must include treating our soul, too. So I put hidden, positive messages in my Secret Bath Bombs to brighten up people’s day or give them the answer to a question they are looking for. I am spiritual. 

Chocolate Orange Bath Bomb by The Eden Collections

"Your skin is your largest organ and you need to take care of it."


Given your focus on using organic butters and oils, could you elaborate on the specific ingredients you prioritise and their benefits for the skin?

Organic coconut oil helps to increase the natural production of collagen and helps to improve the skin’s elasticity. You don’t want to use too much of it though, because it absorbs slowly and can make your bath bombs greasy. 

Organic shea butter relieves dry skin, improves eczema and provides sun protection. 

Cocoa butter contains a high amount of fatty acids. English, please! Right? :) Fatty acids hydrate your skin. And this fat in the cocoa butter creates a protective barrier that holds the moisture. 

The idea of placing positive quotes inside your bath bombs is unique and inspiring. How did the concept of incorporating secret messages come about, and what impact do you hope these messages have on your customers?

I wanted my bath bombs to be very special in every way and as I started to create them during the lockdown it felt like a nice, thoughtful idea to surprise my friends and family with a hidden positive message and the feedback was phenomenal. I am a spiritual person and I believe that everyone reads the words that they need to read at that moment. 

Could you share a memorable or heartwarming experience from a customer who found a particularly meaningful message inside one of your bombs?

I have many sweet stories from customers but once I was at a local yoga class and we were chatting about who is doing what for living. I mentioned my bath bombs and some ladies recognised them. “Don’t tell me it is you who make those amazing Secret Bath Bombs in Little Green Refills!” They started to tell me how much they love them and my eyes filled with tears. A lady said she had a very difficult period of her life, she was all on her fours when she decided to have a little metime with my bath bomb and the message was a perfect answer for her situation and gave back her energy and faith! She said this message has been on her fridge since then to remind her!


What’s your favourite message you have added to your bath bombs?

Oh, it will be so difficult for me to choose only one. But I will go with the one that has come to my mind now. 

“The winner is a dreamer, who never gives up!” - Mandela

As someone with super sensitive skin, why was it particularly important for you to create products that are gentle yet luxurious for all skin types?

Your skin is your largest organ and often people don't realise how important it is to take care of it. Taking care is not putting expensive chemicals onto it, reading the ingredient list and being conscious about it. Nature has the answer to everything. You don’t need synthetic ingredients to improve your skin health. You need organic, unrefined, natural ingredients. It can be shocking when I read a commercial bath bomb’s ingredients list. They are full of totally unnecessary synthetic ingredients. Why?

Your brand holds well-being at its centre ,talk us through your current wellness routine?

I wash my face with a wet facial towel every morning and before bed time. I also use my Luminous Facial Oil twice per day with a short, gentle facial massage which makes wonder and I use moisturiser once per day. My family and I use only all natural soaps and shampoo when it comes to bath time. I am a bath person and I use either my Bath and Body Oil or my Secret Bath Bomb at least twice per week to give a little moisturiser boost to my skin. Bath time is also one of my favourite metime and it doesn’t have to be in the evening. 

Looking ahead, what can our subscribers and readers anticipate from The Eden Collections in the future? Are there any upcoming products or projects you'd like to share?

In the near future I will be coming with a new product which will be a market changer and it is for shower lovers. It will be available from February and I am very excited about it. Otherwise, this year I will be focusing on growth and establishment, and working with what I already have. I would like to involve men a bit more so I will play with my products to please men, too. I also would like to start to support a charity and it was very difficult to choose but I chose to support a charity against domestic violence. I also have a more personal goal, too. I would like to show up and show more.

If we are talking about the future, my goal is to build a strong, trustworthy wellness brand which you will be able to find in bigger stores and will sneak into the households in the UK and abroad. It will show people that luxury is not a price tag, luxury is nature and we all deserve the highest quality clean ingredients and the attention and self care routine my products bring with themselves. 

Finally, where can our readers shop your products?

Please visit my website, I was robbed out during Christmas but I am working hard to refill my shelves. So if you can’t find something you're after, everything will be restocked by the end of January. 


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