Sculpting Harmony: The Spiritual Elegance of Ametrine Skin Unveiled in Every Drop

In the realm of skincare, where stories weave into formulations and philosophies blend with lotions, Ametrine Skin emerges as a beacon of balance and unity. In our latest "Tyler Exclusive" subscription box, we are delighted to showcase the transformative power of Ametrine Skin's Calming Body Butter—a testament to their unique fusion of science, spirituality, and sustainability. Let's embark on a journey beyond the beauty routine, unraveling the story behind Ametrine Skin's creation and the ethos that seeks to celebrate healthy, balanced skin with fewer products. LET’S DIVE IN 

Ametrine Natural Skincare

Can you share the inspiration behind the name "Ametrine Skin" and how the crystal's energy and unity influence the ethos of your skincare brand?

The name comes from the Ametrine crystal which is meant to help bring about balance, serenity & mental stability. It’s actually a combination of amethyst and citrine which are both quite well known. 

As someone who loves the beauty of crystals, when i was thinking of a name that represented what i wanted my products and brand to bring to your skin it fit perfectly. 

Ametrine Skin embraces the unity of both masculine and feminine energy, mirroring the Ametrine crystal. How does this concept of balance and harmony manifest in your product formulations and overall brand philosophy?

I’m a big believer in minimalistic skincare routines and quality over quantity. When I first started coming up with product ideas, i really wanted to act as if i was starting a skincare routine from scratch. You wouldn’t start with active serums for example as you need a strong base first to really understand how the more active ingredients are making a difference. 

With my product formulations it’s usually the first thing I consider, will this product help maintain healthy, happy, balanced skin or help to bring it back to that place if it’s not. There’s also the added mental health and self care aspect which i hope to start highlighting more this year. Those little pockets of time in the morning and evening doing a body & skincare routine can be so powerful for resetting and feeling more balanced. 

Take us through your step by step natural skincare routine?

My skincare routine has changed quite a lot now i’m a new mum. I’m honestly always trying to rush to get ready during nap times so keep it to around 3-4 steps. 

1. I’ll always cleanse my face at the end of my shower in the morning with one of my soaps. 

2. Then I’ll either use a serum that helps with blackheads or redness if i feel like i need it or skip straight to a water based moisturiser. It’s usually something i’ve made that I’m testing, or something simple like e45 as its quite a good basic moisturiser for my eczema. 

3. Finally i’ll use a few drops of face oil that i’ve also been testing for a while and will be launching very soon or a tiny bit of the Calming Body Butter. 

*The only difference at night time is that i’ll use the Green Gold Balm to take off any makeup and may reach for a retinol cream if I’m feeling like it.


"For me, keeping it simple allows me to truly understand how products are affecting my skin and what it needs. "


The birth of Ametrine Skin followed a personally traumatic year and the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. How did these experiences shape your decision to venture into skincare?

Before covid i had a great career as a photographer & videographer (before the the title content creator was a thing). I had been doing that as well as marketing & social media for over 10 years but i realised how important my happiness and mental health was. Although I loved what i did so much, the idea of chasing invoices for months, even up to a year was really emotionally draining. I usually worked with massive global record labels or brands which are notoriously terrible when it comes to paying on time. I was making good money but it never felt that way because it was essentially on hold after the work had been completed. I also always wanted desperately to create something of my own rather than just working on someone else brand or project. I toyed with the idea of going into a home cooking business for a while as I love cooking and even started working at a restaurant dark kitchen during lock down to learn the business side of things. 

I don’t remember where the skincare brand idea originally started and what triggered the initial thought but i do know once I started researching into it, the passion & fire i had when i first started photography came back. I barely slept because all I wanted to do was soak up information. I think i got about 2-4 hours sleep a night for around 6 months during my intense research process. I was already making products for myself but i never even called considering it being something i would sell. 

I had a short stint for a few years as a makeup artist and studied it in college when i was supposed to be taking a gap year, the skin aspect is something I always enjoyed the most. I loved prepping the skin and getting it to looking really radiant because even getting to the makeup part. 

Being a vegan brand made sense because i was vegan but the more I looked into ingredients, especially palm oil and all the derivatives which is in almost all commercial skincare the more i wanted to avoid them. Once i knew the social as well as environment damage, i didn’t feel right using them in my products. 

WHAT influenced the development of Ametrine Skin's skincare products, particularly the Calming Body Butter?

Being a mixed woman from mostly the Caribbean, we’re used to using thicker moisturisers from young. From our face, body, hair & scalp, being moisturised is so important to us. When I developed eczema, my home made body butter was one of the only things that kept me from being constantly dry and itchy. I had already launched the brand when i began thinking about adding it to the product line as It really fit my ethos of creating products that are multipurpose. It’s something that can be used on your face sparingly, your hands, your feet, and overall body and adds long lasting moisture so you don’t have to keep topping up throughout the day. 

With the Calming Body Butter specifically, i added the scent when you have to go through the whole legal process to sell products because I knew how relaxing lavender essential oil is. It felt like the perfect night time addition to the range, although i like to use it any time of day. I wasn’t going to launch that scent when i relaunched the brand but i kept getting asked at in person markets if i had a lavender scented product. I realised how many people actually wanted that variation so it was a no brainer since I already have the formulation there ready to go. 

Your journey with skincare during a period of acne and rosacea led you to embrace a basic routine focused on balance rather than perfection. How has this personal experience influenced the ethos of Ametrine Skin and the message you wish to convey to your customers?

The whole brand is based around that idea because during the 2 years where I didn’t wear any makeup and pretty much cut back on all my products, my eyes really opened. I still had all the acne scars which there is nothing wrong with but removing things helped me learn and develop a relationship with my skin that I didn’t have before. Growing up being marketed products to, it gets imbedded into our brain that we need lots of products when that isn’t always true and our skin needs to look like an unblemished baby haha. It can all get confusing and complicated. 

Starting a skincare brand requires a significant leap of faith. Can you share more about the moment when you knew skincare was the passion you wanted to pursue and the unique vision you wanted Ametrine Skin to embody?

I’ve always been super creative, from art and graphic design in secondary school, to making clothes & bags in college, teaching myself & playing piano and trying to write my own music. There’s this feeling i get (and i’m sure many can relate) when i’m doing something i truly love that is indescribable and that’s the feeling i got when i started making and testing products. As someone with ADHD that has a million things going on in my brain at once and can switch interests quickly, i was so focused just like i was when i started photography that everything else almost disappeared. That’s when i knew. 

I wanted the brand to be timeless, genderless and rather than follow trends, create a foundation that you can always rely on & would make you feel good using. 

Since the launch of Ametrine Skin on October 1, 2020, what have been the most rewarding moments, and what challenges have you faced as a founder and creator?

The biggest challenge and also the most rewarding moment in hindsight was when I decided to relaunch after 2 years away. Part of me was really scared and part of me was super excited. I initially stopped working on the brand as I went back into full time work to help me fund the business on the side. It turned out that job was really demanding and quite toxic and took up all my time. In those 2 years it felt like something was missing and I wanted to start again everyday. The hurdle was my own mental battle. 

Some of the thoughts I had were, would i have to start from scratch again? Would it be successful? Would people accept the brand back after disappearing without saying anything? Should i just let it go? I put my whole heart & soul into it & when I decided to give it another go I felt a sense of relief as well as fear. It’s been 9 months now & i’m so glad i didn’t let the business i love go. It’s been more successful than before relaunching & overall i feel so much happier i’m back doing something I love.

Looking ahead, what exciting developments, products, or projects can our subscribers and readers anticipate from Ametrine Skin?

I’ve got lots of ideas for upcoming products, some are finalised and in the process of being announced & launched, some are currently being tested and tweaked and others are still in the research phase. 

The next product i can talk about will be a multi use face & body oil & i’m so in love it with. It’s really nourishing and instead of typical products that use less potent ingredients for the body, i’ve used the same powerful oils you might find in a face oil so you can use it all over. Our bodies deserve the good stuff too. 

After that will most likely be a collection of scrubs which are currently filling my bathroom with the most beautiful aromatherapy scents. 

You can shop my products on my own website as well as Etsy

For anyone wanting to try before they buy, i also do some in person markets in & around Birmingham. You can find out more information of these on my Instagram -

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