The Escape Collection - escape into nature with pure essential oil candles

The Escape Collection Launches 20th of September at 10am

Life can be chaotic, wind down and escape into nature with pure essential oil candles. 
Scent is powerful; it can bring back a memory, change your mood and yes, it can even transport you somewhere. 
The Escape collection was designed to send you to different places in nature. Each scent has taken months of testing to get just right. The collection features three scents, available as candles and tealights with a hand made ceramic tea light holder by Studio 14 Pottery.
The Escape Collection Candles

“The Best Scent I have EVER experienced. It was like walking through a forest. I instantly feel myself calm when I light it.”

Sally - PR

Send me to … The Wilderness 


Imagine entering a forest, the trees seem taller than the sky and the ground is mossy and soft. You can look up and see the sun bursting through the tiny gaps in the trees, you can tell from the smell of the air that someone has just lit a fire on the ground. The scent is earthy, forest fresh with a deep smoky hit. A blend of Sage, Juniper, Cypress, Pink Pepper and Birch Tar. 

Wilderness essential oil candle

Send me to … The Mountains 


Imagine dipping your toes into the icy cold lake perched in a valley between the mountains. You see colours of white from the snow and green from the fir trees. It’s cold yet comforting. The scent is crisp, mossy and fresh, just like the snow on the mountain top. A blend of Oakmoss, Peppermint, Fir and Balsam.

Mountains essential oil candle

Send me to … The Coast 


Imagine walking along the coastal path, the ground is rocky and you hear the waves crashing against the cliffs. You can see wild rosemary and yarrow bursting from cracks within the rocks and the air is warm. The scent is fresh with citrus with a mild camphorous note. A blend of Coastal Pine, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Amyris and Wild Orange. 

Coast essential oil candle

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