Let’s talk about what’s important

Pure plant oils. 

When it comes to candles, there are a lot out there! However not all are natural, lots of candles contain parafin and synthetic oils, these produce toxins and are harmful to our bodies.

At Tyler Aromatherapy, every single product is made with pure essential oils, these are extracted from plants and are 100% natural. Essential oils have the power to change your mood, health and the world around you! 


Being environmentally conscious is at the forefront of the brand. As well as using only pure essential oils, the soy wax used is also a plant base that burns completely clean and soot free.

Tyler Aromatherapy is a 99.9% Plastic free company, orders are packaged using cardboard, recycled paper tape and packing peanuts. Everything is sourced from the United Kingdom to reduce the Carbon footprint.

Self Care

The world is a busy place, it’s important to care for the mind, body and soul. Tyler Aromatherapy aims to create small moments for self care that make a positive impact. It’s not always about big chances, it’s the little rituals of lighting a candle, running a bath or reading a book that really matter. 

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