why Garden Candles make the best gift for plant lovers

Why garden candles makes the best gift for plant lovers

Have you been on the look out for gifts for plant lovers? or maybe you are hosting a garden party and want a special candle that is natural and has a great scent throw? 

look no further than our refillable ceramic candle. Here is why its so great:

A candle and plant pot in one? Oh yes! 

Once your beautiful garden candle has finished burning, you can simply wash out your pot, and add your favourite plant! or you can email me to arrange to have your pot refilled. This makes it a great sustainable gift! 

Its both indoor or outdoor use 

There are so many citronella garden candles out there, however citronella can be a harsh and overpowering scent if not blended with other scents. My garden candles are handmade using soy wax and pure essential oils. The garden candle is a pot of herbs scent, and as a blend of citronella, lemongrass, basil, rosemary and marjoram. This particular blend is reminiscent of a Thai holiday, it is citrusy and herbacous. The beauty of the garden candle is the scent throw, and it keeps away the bugs in a natural way. 

It suits any home or garden 

With four glazes and two sizes to choose from, it suits any taste or aesthetic. The white glazed pot suits a minimalistic style, while the blue ombre pot gives an Mediterranean vibe. 


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